Boosting Shelf Visibility in General Trade for a Leading Oats Brand

Shelf Visibility

Market Share


Increase shelf visibility and gain market share for a leading FMCG brand's Oats category in GT (General Trade).

The brand sought an efficient and cost-effective strategy to optimize shelf visibility without involving its sales team or merchandising agency.

Our Approach

To address the challenge, our team devised a comprehensive approach to get retailers to self-merchandise the display and receive instant incentives. We focused on three key elements:

1. Instant Incentives:

  • We asked retailers to share images of their displays. If the image complied with the criteria, they received an instant incentive in their bank accounts.
  • The instant gratification increased participation by 3x.

2. Gamification:

  • To further encourage retailers to stock more products and display maximum facings, we introduced gamified leaderboards.
  • The more facings retailers had, the better their rank on the leaderboard.
  • This approach was a game-changer, as retailers started displaying more and more facings to get top spots on the leaderboard.
  • As they saw other retailers stocking more, they gained the confidence to purchase more products from the brand (Social Validation)
  • The average facing per store went up from 7 to 13 because of gamification.

3. Content and Education:

  • We created videos and vernacular content to educate retailers about the compliance criteria of the program.
  • This helped them realize how easy the process was, which further boosted participation.


  • 70% Increase in Secondary Sales
  • 2X Increase in Visible Facings per outlet
  • 60% cost savings
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