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New Product Launch


A well-known FMCG brand faced difficulties in getting retailers to accept their new product. In addition to severe competition from a major competitor, the brand had trouble gaining market share despite considerable on-ground efforts. To gain retailer insights and develop a pin-code level strategy, they approached Kirana Club.

Our Approach

To address the challenges faced by the FMCG brand, Kirana Club implemented a data-driven solution:

data driven results

Retailer Surveys

Conducted elaborate surveys through the Kirana Club app to gather insights from over 14,403 retailers within 3 weeks.

1. Brand Awareness Evaluation: Measured the focus product's recognition in various markets, identifying areas where improvement was needed.

2. Competitive Analysis: Conducted a detailed analysis to understand the competitive landscape and categorised regions based on brand awareness percentage and placement gap with the competitor brand.

3. Pin Code Level Strategy Formulation: Leveraged the insights gained from the surveys to develop a pin code level strategy. This strategy helped the brand make informed decisions on marketing spends, retailer awareness, and distribution focus.

data driven results


Insights by Kirana Club allowed them to formulate a pin code level strategy. With this strategy, they could make informed decisions on whether to increase marketing spends, improve retailer awareness, or focus on distribution.

By leveraging pin code-level insights, they could tailor their approach to the specific needs and characteristics of each area. For example, in pin codes where brand awareness was low, they could allocate more resources to marketing campaigns to increase visibility and familiarity.

In pin codes where distribution was a challenge, they could work closely with retailers to improve product availability and accessibility.

Additionally, pincode level insights helped identify growth opportunities. This knowledge allowed them to allocate resources strategically to maximize their impact and drive growth in the most promising regions.


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