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A leading FMCG company, known for its established presence in the Tea and Salt categories, ventured into the breakfast/healthy snacking category with the aim of gaining retail adoption for its new product line. The company faced challenges in driving adoption due to the retailers' lack of awareness about the new products and the sales team's prioritization of key revenue-generating categories.

Our Approach

To address these challenges and achieve their objectives, we devised a strategic approach. Our primary goal was to generate awareness of the new products among retailers on Kirana Club and maximize the number of retailers stocking these products. We collaborated with leading Kirana Influencers on Kirana Club to drive awareness and adoption by focusing on three key strategies:

1. Educating Retailers about the Category:
We educated retailers about Millets and emphasized their significance as a part of Indian culture for ages. The idea was that well-informed retailers would pass on this information to consumers, ultimately driving sales. The Kirana Influencer effectively communicated the USPs of the product line to generate maximum engagement.

2. Highlighting Appealing Margins and Schemes:
Leveraging the influence of Kirana Influencers, we emphasized the attractive margins and lucrative schemes offered by the new products. We informed retailers about the LUPs and their successful performance among other retailers.

3. Capitalizing on Parent Company's Trust:
Harnessing the established reputation of the parent brand, we strategically positioned the new products as extensions of this trusted lineage.

Through targeted advertisements and personalized communication, we reached retailers with the highest probability of stocking the products.

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Retailer Awareness

Within a few weeks, we successfully reached over 70,000 retailers across Uttar Pradesh and made them aware about the new product range.

Increased Retailer Interest

Organic content related to the brand experienced a remarkable 12-fold increase, indicating heightened awareness and interest among retailers.


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